What we do
At Almaz Solutions we do three basic things with your applications:
We create them
We assist you to
create them
We make them
work right
  • Advise
  • Design
  • Engineer (Architect & Develop)
  • Testing/QA
  • Managed Delivery
Application Support
  • Code & Database Optimization
  • AppDev Environment Upgrade
  • Product Support
  • Legacy Applications Migration & Virtualization
  • Ad-hoc requests
  • App-Lifeline for Projects-at-Risk
Continuous Software Deployment
  • DevOps Implementation and Support
Vertical Expertise
Our teams of engineering resources have been working on projects in multiple industries, including but not limited to Life Sciences, Healthcare, Telecomm, Insurance, Media, Finance and Banking.
Almaz Solutions Advantage
Our agile and flexible approach to solving your new talent acquisition goals allows us to help you find right people on time and within budget.
We offer:
Right Experience
  • Years of experience of fulfilling our clients’ business needs by all our stake-holders and resources
  • Proven track record of customer satisfaction
Right Expertise
  • Vast Highly Educated Resource Pool – Eastern Europe, Israel, and USA
  • USA based Project/Engagement Managers, Consultants, and Architects
  • Diverse skill set
  • Multi-level talent screening process to assure project success
  • High cultural compatibility
  • Great individual resource and team effectiveness
  • Established and Consistent resource teams with good English skills and long-time experience working with US clients
Right Approach
  • Flexible Engagement Options:
  • Dedicated teams
  • Time & Material
  • Part-time
  • Project based
  • Flexible & Integrated Project Fulfillment approach:
  • You directly manage our onshore/offshore resources
  • We manage project deliverable and our onshore/offshore resources
  • We provide project management for a blended team – your onshore and our offshore resources
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